Nepenthes have nectar secreting glands located on the undersides of leaves, on tendrils and on the outside of pitchers. They can be greenish, tan or even black. They are usually not flush with the surrounding tissue. Which can cause dimples on the upper surfaces of leaves. When humidity is high there will usually be a drop of nectar oozing from the gland.

Underside of a N. burbidgeae leaf. You can see the glands are very dark colored and scattered around the leaf and on the midrib. Several have been marked with the red arrows.
The nectar is fairly thick and sticky!
Shown here is the underside of a N. merrilliana leaf. Here the glands are lighter in color, and slightly recessed into the leaf surface.
Underside of a leaf showing the black nectar glands
The topside of the same leaf showing the raised bumps from the corresponding glands in the previous picture.

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